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Woodland Mission Statement


The mission of Woodland Middle Schools is to focus on the strengths, talents, and abilities of each student, while recognizing that our students are in transition from childhood to adolescence.  Woodland is dedicated to a learning environment that fosters academic, emotional, and social growth.  Woodland also provides opportunites for students to explore their role in society, and encourages lifelong participation in their community.





  • Each student is important

  • Every student can be a successful learner

  • Middle school is an important transitional period where students are encouraged to develop a sense of self-esteem and personal dignity.

  • Students have a right to a quality education with rigorous learning opportunites.

  •  Students, educators, families, businesses, and the community share in the responsibility for creating an environment in which students can learn and succeed.

  • Understanding and acceptance of cultural, social, physical, and economic differences creates a healthy learning environment.

  • Learning is a life-long process.